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Meet Co-Founder Chef Anthony Sanders

Chef Anthony Sanders, is the culinary genius behind Good Food & Company. He is a master in the kitchen, transforming ingredients into extraordinary works of culinary art. He has an exceptional palate and a passion for cooking. Chef Sanders embarked on his culinary career, driven by a passion to bring creativity and excellence to the world of food.

Hailing from a family where recipes are  a treasured legacy and meals a celebration of love, Chef Sanders has an appreciation for  the classical techniques, cultural influences and fundamental traditions relating to food. His culinary artistry is a blend of discipline, creativity and approachability. 

Chef Sanders co-founded Good Food & Company, after years of honing his culinary skills. He has an unwavering commitment to quality. His dedication to using locally sourced, fresh ingredients and his meticulous attention to detail ensure each dish reflects his love for the craft.
Chef Sanders's culinary ingenuity extends beyond the restaurants. He is a leader and mentor, inspiring a new generation of chefs with his knowledge and experience. He has garnered multiple accolades and delighted the palates of his fellow chefs and food enthusiasts, making him a respected culinary professional .

At Good Food & Company, Chef Anthony Sanders is more than an owner, or chef; he is an artist, a storyteller, and the exceptional talent whose dedication and focus elevates each dining experience, making every visit to our restaurants a celebration of food, flavor, and impeccable craftsmanship.

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