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Meet Co-Founder Osiris Ballard

Osiris Ballard, the visionary co-founder of Good Food & Company, is a culinary maestro with a heart as vast as his creativity. Born and raised in Florida, Osiris's journey in the culinary world began at a young age, shaped by the rich flavors and diverse cuisines of his family.

Driven by his passion for food and a desire to create spaces where people could gather, Osiris co-founded Good Food & Company with a dream of redefining the dining experience in Atlanta. His innovative approach to Southern cuisine and his dedication to community service have become the driving forces behind the success of our restaurants.

With a background in business development, real estate and finance and an understanding of the transformative power of food, Osiris infuses his knowledge and passion for business and community into Good Food & Company’s success. 

Beyond the restaurant business, Osiris is a passionate advocate for community engagement and social change. His involvement in various charitable initiatives, including his own 501(c)(3) organization Good Food & Company School of the Arts housed at City of Refuge, reflects his belief in the power of giving to bring about positive transformations in people's lives.

Osiris's infectious enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication to creating exceptional dining experiences have not only helped shape the menus at Good Food & Company’s locations but have also created a welcoming environment where guests become family, and every meal is a celebration of flavors, friendship, and community.

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